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Viking scan x ray screening scanner

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To judge the capability of an x-ray scanner, look for what it can offer your staff and facility. 

Consider how easy it is to use, the quality of the images, and how often the machine produces a false alarm.

 Choose a machine that will shorten time and reduce human error, rather than one that produces many false positives.

Viking scan x ray screening scan  solutions are suitable for airport security, cruise line security, border crossings, and government facilities. All of our checkpoint solutions come with multi energy imaging and a wide range of image processing features standard for exceptional image quality and functionality, as all size items can easily walk through metal detector.

For use in stadiums, railway stations or on events, HTDS has a range of robust and waterproof solutions, as trust in ray machines is our top priority

Tunnel size :500*300mm  for small bags

                     650*500mm  for baggage and luggage 

                     600*400mm for small parcels

                     800*650mm for large cartons

                    1000*800mm  for pallet 

                   1000*1000mm for cargos 

                   150*180cm   for big size objects


                     8mm Iron


                     40mm Iron

Belt speed:22meters/minute 




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