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Viking security telescopic automatic fold down rising bollard

All in one Hydraulic rising bollard introduce
Install micro hydraulic pressure into raising bollard . Every bollard is a independent unit
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  • vikingdetector
  • 8543709100

1,No need lay underground hydraulic pipeline. Easy installation. Low construction cost

  2,Because of Have no hydraulic pipeline. It only need inspect independent bollard during  maintenance.it is easy to take out the control box from earth .Easy repair and maintenance

System takes of micro motor and a integration ports connect gear pump and oil box . Then use a all in one hydraulic cylinder to built a complete micro hydraulic .use structure parts to install this system into roadblock inner.In this way complete electronic energy >mechanical energy>hydraulic energy conversation process .totally reach micro .electronic.;liquidize integration

Product features :

 (1) Emergency release ;

 (2) There is no limited on distance between Independent bollard and control system

(3)Can make sure more than one bollard synchronous raise and fall

(4)Can takes of short/remote control and short swing card or long range radio swing card control .

(5)Can connect with PC reach sequencing control.Suitable for high frequency high safety requirement place

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