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WTMD 60 Detection zone airport metal detector gate door frame

WTMD is high-tech electrical device. The operator is requested not only to understand the technical performance, structural principle and operating procedures, but also good at doing the daily maintenance and maintenance work. This is to guaranty working efficiency and extend device life, and to ensure safety.
  • VW-60D
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  • 8543709100

To ensure the good working condition, WTMD should be checked and adjusted regularly.

Maintenance job must be done by qualified people.

Cut the electricity, in case of checking hardware.

Daily maintenance work:

n The device should be installed in the ventilation, dust clear, dry environment, avoid high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.

n Clean the dust inside device.

n Tighten the loosen components or wiring plug, if any.

n If any parts damaged, please find out the reason and solve the trouble first, and then replace it. After replacement you need to adjust sensitivity again.

n Dont leave other object inside WTMD. This may course electricity accident.

3.1 Maintenance attentions

n Dont leave other object or water inside WTMD

n Cut the electricity and then check the device. If have to be on power, please know the risk well, and operator should be professional qualified.

n Before repair, prevent electrostatic damage to the precision electronics.

n Before power on, make sure that all cables are connecting right.





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