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Walk-Through Metal Detectors

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Security inspection walk through metal detector 

Anybody who travel by train plain or bus has probably gone through a walk through metal detector.

These security metal detector widely be used in station.big events government office.court .school. sports event and related where security screening is request .They are a part of security detection checkpoint system that includes 

CCTV camera

door access control

turnstile .

Walk-Through Metal Detectors

How does a walk through metal detector work?

As we all know it is used low wave electronic magnetic.low frequency .

The walk through metal detectors create large magnetic fields

that cover all of the space inside the rectangular arch of the walkthrough metal detector.

If a person walks through the metal detector and sets off the alarm,

airport security is informed that this person could potentially be hiding a dangerous, metal-based weapon, such as a knife or a gun, and further research is conducted.

The latest metal detectors have multiple zones that not only sound an alarm but also can indicate security person where the metal object is located.

Then we may said ,Why sometimes when we use only a metal object pass through the walk through metal detector but it didn't alarm ?

Consider of the accurate of alarm during we design we added 2 Paris of infrared sensor both side.

why there are  2 pairs infrared sensor installed on one walk through metal detector ?

1.Counter function,It can counting how many passenger pass through.meanwhile it can counting how many times alarm during a priod

2.Avoid wrong alarm .To make sure every metal alarm is accurate and  avoid other interference wave besides .

Walk-Through Metal Detectors




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