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Walk-through Temperature Screening Kiosks & Scanners

Are you sick of feeling feverish? Try the walk-through thermal scanner to detect fever!
  • VZ-300-2T

  • vikingdetector

A 7-inch screen temperature screening door (LcD370W-2T)

7-inch screen temperature screen door, single point, double point, three-point temperature measurement, pass type without stay, adaptive compensation setting, alarm temperature warning, avoid personnel contact infection, improve work efficiency, 7-inch screen shows real-time temperature, through the number of people, alarm number of people and alarm temperature, etc.

technical parameter

Temperature measurement: single point / double point / three-point temperature difference: soil 0.3℃ compensation: automatic temperature compensation power consumption: <30W

Pass rate: 0.4M/S-1.2M/S Internal channel dimensions: 2000x700MM

Overall external dimensions: 2200 (H) x840 (W) x300 (D) mm operating voltage: AC110V / 220V, 50 / 60Hz working ambient temperature: -20℃ - + 45℃

Product features

Super shell protection technology: use high density refractory; password protection: only authorized operator can operate;

Adaptive diagnosis system: automatic diagnosis when power starts, no initial or scheduled test period calibration; safety: harmless to cardiac starter carrier, pregnant women, magnetic media; modular design: easy maintenance and replacement;

Detection capability: 1 minute with detection over 50-100 people; display: LED display and 7-inch touch screen display; voice broadcast: normal temperature broadcast, abnormal alarm.

Applicable occasions:

Plants, stations, airports, and other public places.





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