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Waterproof Airport Door Frame Archway Scanner Metal Detector Gate

The waterproof airport door frame archway scanner metal detector gate is used to detect the metal in the concealed goods. It is used in the archways and door frames of the airport. The metal detector can be installed on the top or bottom of the door frame. It has a good anti-corrosion performance and can be used for a long time without any problem. The metal detector is easy to install and operate, which is suitable for large-scale production lines.
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We are the leading manufacturer of airport metal detector door, airport metal detector manufacturers. Our products are sold in many countries and regions around the world. We have many years of experience in product design, production and marketing.

The airport metal detector door is a kind of airport security equipment, which is widely used in the airport, railway station, stadium, concert hall and other public places.

The airport metal detector door is mainly composed of three parts: the base frame, the upper frame and the electronic control board with a display screen. The base frame is made of stainless steel, and it can be mounted on the ground or wall surface. The upper frame is made of stainless steel with an arc-shaped design; it can be connected to the base frame through hangers. The electronic control board has a touch screen interface and can be installed at any position on either side of the upper frame according to customer requirements.

Adjustment system: System can adjust detecting standard

● Start and stop technology: Red infared device own automatic start and stop technology. It can adds 100 times lifespan.

●Sensitivity of each zone can be adjusted(own adjustment technology)

●Detecting zones quantity can be selected by yourself

● Sound and light alarm. Alarm tones and time can be arbitrarily adjusted.

●Enqury function: System provided actual time information enquiry function           ● Detecting capacity:Can detect more than one hundred persons in one minute

Detecting target: Contraband goods,more magnet metals;
● Vertical outside size:2250x850x500mm;
● Tunnel Size:2051x710x500mm(Width customized range 700~1500mm);
● Fold size:889x606x484mm; ● Package size:948x666x525mm;
● Working humidity:99%,no condensing; ● Working temperature:-40℃~85℃;
● Power supply method:Config polymer batteries, last time can be 8、16、24、48、72hours and can be selected;
● Input:AC 110V~240V/50HZ~60HZ ● Output:DC 12V/5A 12W
● Weight:N.W 42KG,G.W 50KG





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