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X-ray Machine for Security -Quickly Detect Uni X-ray 2022

There is no better way to ensure your safety than with a reliable X-ray machine. The Uni X-ray 2022 can quickly detect and diagnose abnormalities in images, making it the perfect tool for security tests. Plus, its easy-to-use interface makes setting up your test routine a breeze. With this machine, you're sure to keep yourself and those around you safe.
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X-ray Machine for Security - Quickly Detect Uni X-ray 2022

X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation produced by high-voltage generators. X-rays are used in medical diagnostics, therapy and research. They can also be used to produce images of objects inside the body, such as bones and organs.

Invented by William Roentgen in 1895, x-ray imaging uses electrons or their associated particles to produce an image of internal structures. With the help of a machine called an x-ray tube, these particles are accelerated towards an object being examined. This produces a beam of photons that hits the object at high speed and produces an image on photographic film or other recording material.

In order to use this device safely, it must be protected from potentially harmful radiation coming from external sources like cosmic rays or stray radioactivity generated by nuclear reactors nearby.

Tunnel Size : W656mm x H501mm

Speed : 0.20 m/s

Height of Transmission Belt : 664 mm

Maximum Load : <100 kg (Adequate distribution)

Wire Resolution : 38 AWG (0.0787mm metal wire)

Space Definition : Horizontal ① 1.0mm \ Vertical ①1.0mm

Penetrate Definition : 34 AWG

Penetration : 8mm Steel board

Monitor : 19 inch LED

System Function : High density alarm, Explosive/Drug auxiliary detect, TIP, Luggage counter.

System running timer, X-ray emitting timer.

Training, 64 times continuous zoom in

Film Safety : ASA/ISO1600 standard of film safety

X-ray System

Tube Voltage : 150 Kv

Cooling : Seal oil cooling /100%

Single Inspection Dosage Rate : <1.0(i Gy

Radiation Leak Dosage : 0.1 Gy/h (5cm from the surface)



Installation Specification

Machine  Size :  1875mm (L) * 934mm (W) * 1300mm (H)

Package size  :2040mm (L) °1020mm (W) °1530mm (H)

Package Weight: 220KG Consumption : 1 kVA

Noise : 53.8 dB(A)


X-ray Machine for Security -Quickly Detect Uni X-ray 2022





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