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Airport security x ray baggage screening system

Tunnel dimension

Width1000 mm Minimum, 1100

mm Maximum

Height1000 mm Minimum,

1100 mm Maximum

Mechanical construction

Steel construction with steel

panels, mounted on roller


Conveyor height Approx. 350 mm, Adjustable

Conveyor speed Approx. 0.2 m/s, Adjustable

Conveyor load capacity ≥ 200 Kg, Distributed over the

whole conveyor belt

Conveyor belttype

Lower conveyor belt having

endless bonded with no metallic


Flow of conveyor belt Bidirectional (Forward and


Resolution, wire delectability Minimum 38 AWG, or better

Penetration, steel 32 mm or better

  • 100100
  • vikingscan

Single Phase 220VAC, 50 Hz ±


Power consumption 1.0 KVA ± 10%

Baggage slider

Approx. 1m long for Entrance

and 1.5m long for Exit


Rodent protection Fully rodent protected

Radiation Leakage

As per applicable Law &

Regulation with respect to XRay

emiting devices

Duty cycle 100 %Continuous operation, No


warm up procedure is required

Operating temperature 0 °c to + 40 ° c

Humidity 10 % - 90% , non condensing

Application Domestic/International Airports

2. X- Ray Generator System

2.1 X-ray generator Maintenance free

2.2 Anode voltage

Operating at 160 KV (-5%,


2.3 Beam divergence Minimum 60 °

2.4 Beam direction Diagonal From Top to Bottom

2.5 Cooling/Housing Hermetically sealed oil bath in a





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