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archway airport security door frame metal detector

to detect the extremely small metals hidden inside the human body such as small blades, paper clips, electronic chip etc. This kind of metal detector is widely used in airport, railway station, subway station, workshop, big exhibition etc.
  • VW-6C
  • vikingscan
  • 8543709100


  • To detect magnetic, non-magnetic and alloying metal

  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, automatically scan the electromagnetic interference and mechanical vibration from the installation site, greatly reduce the false alarms

  • Over 100 frequency adjustable which avoid mutual interference between detectors

  • LCD display; bilingual menu setting; environment interferential signal display, easy to adjust during installation

  • Power on self Test& fault display; easy to operate

  • The overall sensitivity can be adjusted from 0 to level 300, adjustable anti-Vibration sensitivity from 0 to level 255

    6 independent probes& 1,8,16,24 detecting zones adjustable, 0~300 level zone sensitivity. Simultaneously multi-position detecting and alarming, pinpointing the metal objects accurately

  • 30 built-in standard programs of safety inspection, easy to set and reset the detection program parameters at any time

  • Built-in computer programming controller, bilingual selection

  • Passing rate can reach to 100 persons/min

  • High-brightness LED alarm area indicate& accurately locate the contraband

  • Adjustable volume from level 0 to level 20 and 16 tones of alarm

  • Password protection allows only authorized personnel to operate

  • Display alarming times& passing through numbers; storage capacity of 10000 pieces

  • Harmless to cardiac pacemaker wearers, pregnant women and magnetic media etc





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