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Baggage inspection x ray scanner screening machine

Baggagexraymachines may be used to scan an airport security bag and parcels. We provide, install, maintain, and repair a wide range of xraymachines. This includes the airport bag scanner and also x-rayscanners that are used in government buildings and mail rooms. For those seeking extra security, we also provide cargo x-raymachines.

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X ray scanners for security screening 

With the increase of global terrorism , the necessity of screening devices such as X-ray scanners , X-raybody scanners and x-raybaggagescanners becomes crucial components to ensure security in the field of aviation security, customs inspections, and other crucial infrastructure.

Security xray machines can detect all types of dangerous organic, inorganic and metal substances. The Security xrayscanner emit low-intensity radiation to find metal and non-metallic objects that are concealed under clothing.

General design x ray baggage scanner for 

The xraybaggagescanners we offer are specifically designed for Airports, Business Hubs, Civil Institutions, and similar places. Sometimes, human inspections cannot offer the security that is required. These scanners will be able to detect any dangerous substances and guarantee that only safe baggage gets through. Features include high resolution images, rapid deployment and highest level of precision.


1. Alarm by sounds and lights: When you conform to the condition, alarm by sounds or light.

2. Network interface: Could be used to connect local area networks and allow multi-terminal check baggage to be handled simultaneously

3. Safety Ray: Transmits ray under automatic control. Avoids the miss

4. Image monitoring made easy: The monitor uses a foldable, rotary system. Operators can adjust the position of the monitor to suit their needs, which reduces weariness.

5. Mouse operation is simple: Without keyboard or work table, you can control your mouse from anywhere.

6. Turn off the machine by pressing a button: This is the simplest way to turn off the machine: you only need to do one thing: you will have the key reactivated. It is simple to close the equipment's automatic security.

7. Eagle-eye:Could be used to observe the enlargement area.

8. Autonomous estimation of malfunction: A prompt message and an automatic estimate, which is helpful in maintaining the equipment.

Size and parameter 

Tunnel Size: 500 (W) x 300 (H)mm

Conveyor Speed: 0.22m/s

Conveyor Max Load: 20 kg

Single inspection dosage:' < 1.5uGy

Wire Resolution: 0.1mm Metal Line

Steel penetration: 32MM armor plate

For ISO 1600 Film Safety

Maximum radiation leakage: 0.3uGY/H


Vertically Upward Orientation

Tube Current: 0.4~1.2MA(adjustable)

Anode Voltage: 100160 V (adjustable).

Angle: 80deg

Generator cooling/working times: Sealed oil bath with forced-air/100%





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