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Name Introduction Size Downloads Update Download
VC-15 check weigher specification.pdf High accurate checkweigher suitable for small package within 200lbs 197KB 202 2022-09-09 Download
Door frame metal detector DFMD-TD2022 Version.pdf Touch screen walk through metal detector 276KB 500 2022-09-09 Download
Door frame metal detector DFMD-8000PLUS 2022 VERSION.pdf waterproof touch screen walk through metal detector 598KB 301 2022-09-09 Download
Portable walk through metal detector WTMD-9000 M scope 2022VERSION.pdf m scope portable walk through metal detector 334KB 0 2022-09-09 Download
VK-2022 handheld metal detector .pdf Type c charge 8-40 working hand held metal detector 210KB 300 2022-09-09 Download
Metal-Detector_Questionnaire.docx The basic details to recommend you suitable metal detector machine 19KB 38 2022-09-09 Download
viking checkweigher manual book2022.pdf checkweigher manual tells how do you use china checkweigher user manual 1.55MB 56 2022-09-09 Download
Viking-ES845Z Muti-zone walk-through metal detector 33 zone pinpoint walk through metal detector 45 zone walk through metal detector 292KB 5 2022-09-09 Download
VIKING head Metal Detector Manual book.doc metal detector head that installation on available belt 2.15MB 23 2022-09-09 Download
Checkweighers Selection Guide: Types, Features, Applications different checkweigher models with cad drawing meet different application 712KB 38 2022-09-09 Download
Certificate of original draft about needle detector.pdf The draft of certificate of original(CO) we issue for customer 106KB 2 2022-09-02 Download
metal detector sales contract 9-10-2018 CR.pdf The document of sales contract about metal detector we sign with Russia customers 136KB 1 2022-09-02 Download
Metal-Detector_Questionnaire.docx 19KB 3 2022-08-24 Download
Viking Needle Detector Nine Point Test Report.pdf Why audit customers required Nine Point Test ? And what is the Nine Point Test ? 126KB 2 2021-12-24 Download
FCCA Detector de Metales (2).pdf Existe una unidad detectora de metales (Sistema Tipo Aeropuerto) 307KB 3 2021-12-24 Download
X ray Machine traning lession.ppt baggage scanner colour code baggage scanner training luggage scanner images 2.00MB 10 2021-12-24 Download




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Dongguan Vking technology is a professional Large Scale manufacture of all types of Industrial metal detector, Security metal detector

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