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dynamic Process and Quality Control checkweigher system

The quality of industrial filling processes can vary widely, from 'stable and easy to control' to 'high scatter and difficult to control.' Viking's check weigher products help ensure systematic monitoring and control of your filling processes, regardless of their difficulty. This helps you maintain legal compliance and avoid expensive waste from overfilling, while also ensuring full control of your profitability.
  • E-CW-1000

  • vikingdetector

dynamic  Process and Quality Control checkweigher system

Deviations in the filling process are monitored at regular intervals, 

and product weight trends are controlled either manually or automatically. 

Control pulses are sent to the filling installation to ensure compliance with GMP and IFS.

The checkweigher can be integrated into your production and

 checks all products, limiting TU1 violations to the legally admissible 

percentage and discarding TU2 violations entirely.

Resilient system design can withstand harsh cleaning regimes and is resistant to 

most caustic detergents and disinfectants. 

High precision in harsh environments helps to comply with weighing regulations and 

reduces costly product waste. Easy to clean, hygienic design prevents 

liquid retention and discourages bacterial contamination.

dynamic checkweigher system





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