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for sale metal detector walk through and security wand

We are currently selling our metal detector. It is a walk-through, hand-held model. It is in perfect working condition and comes with the original box and all of the accessories. 
Metal detectors are a great way to detect threats at your business. If you're looking for a metal detector, look no further—we have the best hand-held and walk-through metal detectors on the market. Our detectors come in a variety of different styles, so they're sure to fit your needs.

These detectors work by detecting the presence of ferrous material, which means they can be used in places where people might find money, jewelry or other valuable items. Ferrous material includes things like coins and jewelry; it does not include non-ferrous materials such as plastic or aluminum cans.

Our hand-held metal detectors give you full control over how far away from the item that you want to search for ferrous material. You can also choose whether or not to search for non-ferrous materials at all—or only if none is detected near the ferrous material being searched for by our hand-held detectors (this feature is perfect for use at jewelry stores).
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We've got the most reliable metal detector on the market. Our detectors come with a free, lifetime warranty, and they are enhanced with extra features that make them faster, more accurate, and more convenient than ever before.

Our walk-through models are incredibly easy to use: just place one hand on your hip or pocket, and walk through a metal detector without even touching it! They're also lightweight enough to use without being intrusive or uncomfortable. And if you have any questions about how to use one of our detectors, just ask us! We'll be happy to help you get up and running as soon as possible.

Our hand-held models are perfect for those who want something that's easy to carry around with them wherever they go—or just want something small enough to fit in their pockets or purses. These detectors are lightweight and compact enough that they don't take up much space in your bag or backpack—but still powerful enough to pick up on even small amounts of metal around you!

Walk Through Metal Detector and Security Wand

This is a walk through metal detector and security wand. It uses an internal sensor to detect the presence of metal, so it will not detect non-metallic items. It also has an LED light that shows the status of the detector. The light will turn red when the detector is detecting metal, green when it is not detecting anything, and amber when there is a problem with the detector. This unit can be used as a standard hand held wand or as a walk through wand depending on which mode you want to use it in.





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