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hand bags and pallet inspection airport luggage scanner

High-Resolution X-Ray Imaging with Integrated Security Scanners

Our high-resolution x-ray imaging systems provide a comprehensive solution for airport luggage scanners, baggage x ray inspection, conveyor belt security screening and tunnel size security screening. Our fully integrated system is designed to work together seamlessly and provide a powerful tool for airport security screening.
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hand bags and pallet inspection airport luggage scanner

The baggage screening system is a device that uses x-rays to detect the presence of metallic objects. It is used for security checks and can be found in airports, train stations, and other locations with large public gatherings.

The conveyor belt-based screening system has a 360-degree viewing area and uses a fixed barrier to keep people from walking into the detection area. The tunnel size and scanning frequency depend on the number of people being screened.

security x ray machine

The security x ray machine is used to inspect people who are suspected of carrying weapons or explosives through metal detectors, although it can also be used to search for drugs or other contraband.

The body scanner uses electromagnetic radiation to detect any metallic items on a person's body such as belts, keys, or jewelry. This equipment typically goes through multiple layers of clothing before it finds any items that might pose a risk

Screening solutions include energy X-ray machines.

Screening solutions include energy X-ray machines or ray scanners that use metal detectors and chemicals to distinguish between organic materials like food or clothing from those made from different materials like metal or plastics. These systems are often used at airports where security personnel need quick access to extra supplies while they're working with travelers who have just arrived at their destination airport after long flights overseas!

The parcel scanner uses

Basic Specifications
Penetration: 30mm Steel Plate(140kV)  
34mm Steel Plate(160KV)
Wire resolution: 40AWG
Penetration resolution: 32AWG
Spatial resolution: horizontal
Ф1.0mm vertical Ф1.0mm
X-ray Generator
Generation direction: Up-Bottom
Tube voltage: 140~160kV Adjustable
Tube current: 0.4~1.2mA Adjustable
Cooling/ duty cycle: sealed oil / 100%
Generation angle: 80 °





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