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hand held pinpoint dual use metal detector

Looking for a metal detector that can do it all? Check out our hand held pinpoint dual use metal detector! This detector is perfect for finding valuable metals, including gold.
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handheld pinpoint dual-use metal detector

This handheld pinpoint dual-use metal detector is a powerful, portable tool that can be used for both personal and professional purposes. It's perfect for the person who wants to be able to do more than just detect metals in their home, but also wants a device that can be taken on the go to help them detect metals in the field.

dual-use metal detector

The pinpoint dual-use metal detector is lightweight and easy to carry around wherever you go. It's also waterproof and submersible, making it perfect for use in wet areas such as swimming pools, lakes, or even oceans. The pinpoint dual-use metal detector comes with three different modes: normal, high sensitivity, and all metal mode so you can choose which setting works best depending on what kind of metal you're looking for (if any).

The pinpoint dual-use metal detector comes with a long battery life of up to 60 hours so you don't have to worry about running out of power while using this device! You can use this hand held pinpoint dual use metal detector in either wet or dry conditions without having any problems at all!


1. Electronic detection inspection at airports, railway stations and wharfs.

2. Security inspection of customs, public securities.

3. Quality inspection of medicine and food commercial systems.

4. Security inspection of important sites and playgrounds.

5. Noble metal detection, such as gold or silver jewelry manufacturing plants.

Detection distance:

1.Pin               30-60mm

2.64 model handgun   150mm

3.6 inch long knife    160mm

4.Diameter           20mm

5.Steel Ball           90mm


1. Highly sensitivity.

2. Simple and convenient to use, no adjustment is required.

3. The detection distance will not be changed when the battery voltage drops from 9V to about 7V.

4. Low power consumption, can work for 40 hours continuously.

5. There is automatic and continues alarm when the battery is used up.

6. Switch on/off audio prompt function.

7. With external rechargeable socket hole.

8. Has audio, Light and vibration handoff switch.

Charger voltage: 9V for AC; 10V for DC.(The battery and charger shall be self-provided)

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