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hand held security body scanner metal detector

The gc-1001h is a hand-held metal detector that can detect concealed metal items and walk-through metal detectors. It has a wand, which is used to scan the area around you, and it has an LED display that shows you details about any detected objects. The [product name] is powered by two AAA batteries, which are included.
  • GC-1001H
  • vikingdetector
  • 8543709100

electromagnetic hand held metal detector 

A hand-held metal detector (HMD) is a device that detects and identifies metal objects using electromagnetic energy.

police officers or security personnel security equipment 

HMDs perform the same function as handheld metal detectors, but they are smaller and designed to be used by police officers or security personnel. They are typically battery operated and may use a variety of frequencies for detection purposes. HMDs can be used to detect concealed weapons, such as guns, knives, and other weapons; they can also be used to detect non-metallic items such as drugs or explosives.

metal detector security wand 

The most common HMDs feature a wand that emits an electromagnetic field over an area within which it must be scanned. The wand's magnetic field interacts with ferrous metals in the immediate vicinity of the wand, causing them to emit an audible signal when they are detected by the receiver at the wand's tip.

HMDs may be used in conjunction with other security equipment such as x-ray scanners or metal detectors. When paired together, these devices can provide greater coverage than either device could achieve by itself due to their overlapping fields of operation (i.e., they will not find any object if they do not have overlapping fields).

1)Can detect all kinds of metal objects: including metal and non-metal

   2)Freely switch between audible alarm and vibration alarm

   3)Easy to use, three gear positions: open key, audible alarm key, vibration alarm key

   4)Pre-set sensitivity, no adjustment required

   5)Low voltage indication

   6)Battery replacement is convenient

   7)With charging socket





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