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Logistic use wide tunnel size x ray cargo scanner

Bagxray is a wide tunnel x ray scanner that can provide high resolution x rays in a very short time. It is capable of detecting and analyzing metallic objects, organic materials, parcel scanners and other similar items. The system can be used for security screening, body scanning and baggage scanning.

The system uses dual energy x ray imaging technology to provide quick results with high resolution images. The equipment is also compatible with most types of screeners and conveyors.


VX150180 can distinguish organic and inorganic materials by atomic composition of the material.  VX150180 can distinguish explosives/drugs and realize Threat Image Project Function through adding different option. The operator can easily identify materials with the following coloring scheme:  

  Organic material--orange

  Inorganic material--blue

  Mixed material--green

  High density material--black

  • VX150180D
  • vikingscan
  • 8543709100

Logistic use wide tunnel size x ray cargo scanner

The Logistic use wide tunnel size x ray cargo scanner is a highly sensitive, powerful and reliable x-ray equipment. It is used for baggage screening of people and goods, conveyor belt inspection, security screening and body scanners. The wide tunnel size x ray cargo scanner is applicable to various industries such as telecommunication, logistics, transportation and other related fields.

This machine can be used for various applications including:

1. X-ray inspection of packages made of organic materials such as wood and paper etc.

2. Detection of hidden objects like knives in luggage or suitcases etc.

3. Metal detection: it can detect metallic objects such as coins etc even at high density (1000kg/m) which cannot be detected by traditional metal detectors due to its higher resolution (5mm).

4. Energy detection: it can detect organic materials such as explosives and drugs even at high densities (1000kg/m), which cannot be detected by traditional X-ray equipment due to its high resolution (5mm).

5. Dual energy imaging: the dual energy system enables us to acquire images with a single scan with both X-rays and gamma rays (20kV), which allows us to see through dense material without damaging it!

The wide tunnel x ray cargo scanner is an efficient and cost-effective solution for screening your cargo. It can screen a wide range of materials, such as metallic objects, organic materials, parcel scanner and more.

The wide tunnel x ray cargo scanner has a dual energy system which provides you with high resolution images of your cargo. The dual energy system uses both X-rays and gamma rays to provide a more detailed inspection than a single energy system. This means that you can identify everything in your shipment quickly and easily without having to open it up yourself!

The wide tunnel x ray cargo scanner is designed so that it can be used in different environments without any problems. It is suitable for use on ships, trucks or any other type of vehicle that moves around regularly. This makes it ideal for companies who have large fleets of vehicles travelling across different countries every day!

Tunnel Size: 1500mm*1800mm

Conveyor Speed: 0.22m/s

Conveyor height : 350mm

Conveyor Max Load:2000kg

X ray Dose per inspection <2.8μSv

Wire Resolution:38AWG Guarantee, 40 AWG typical

Spatial resolution Level: dia1.3mm,Vertical: dia1.3mm

Penetration: 32 mm steel guarantee,34mm steel typical

Penetration Resolution :32AWG guarantee, 34AWG typical 

Film Safety :Guarantee ASA/ISO1600 Film

X-ray Leakage: <0.1μSv/h (at a distance of 5cm From external housing)

Conveyor running direction: bi-direction

Throughput : Typically 720 bags per hour

Operation console: Two monitors 17inch

Mechanical construction: steel construction with steel panels, mounted on roller castors

Standard color: White

Extension roller for entrance and exit: 1.5m(optional)


Image System :

Technical Principle: Dual-energy X-ray Imaging;

X-ray Sensor: L-Shaped Photodiode Array (multi-energetic)

Monitor: High Resolution Color, LCD Accord, 17inch

Image Display: High resolution of 1024 * 1280 pixel; Image Grey Level: 65536

Image Enhancement: 1-64times enlargement continuity, Color/BW, negative, high/low

penetration, organic /inorganic Stripping, general enhancement, and pseudo color, etc.

Image Recall: All preceding images recallable, retrieval.

Help detect Explosives & Narcotics: Explosives & narcotics alarm and highlight according to atomic number7.8.9 signature

High Density Region Alarm: Impenetrable region alarm and highlight, for possible concealing of

threats and contrabands

Threat Image Projection: Inserting fictional, but realistic images of threat items into

baggage during screening operation, for maintenance of vigilance, as well as training and

assessment of image identification capability

Image Archive: Up to 50,000 images stored automatically, enable transferring to USB disk, and

converting to XF、PNG、BMP、JPEG、TIFF、GIF formats

Miscellaneous Functions : Time/date display, counters, user management, system-on/X-ray-on

timers, power on self test, built-in diagnostic facilities, dual-direction scanning, system log,

system standby etc.

Network Applications: Multiple remote applications available based on Ethernet LAN and

windows platform, such as image centralized storage and identify, recheck workstation, and

network TIP, etc ( Optional) .

Images process: 24bit real time processing ,4colors analysis, Images displayed marked date and

ID NO ,Count the number of bags ,Memory gray level:65536





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