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metal detector hand wand for public scan

Our metal detector hand wand is designed to be used in public settings, such as shopping malls or airports. It is a lightweight, portable device that allows you to perform quick scans of your surroundings. Our metal detector hand wand features a high sensitivity level and can detect metals less than 2mm in size.

You can use our metal detector hand wand to detect the presence of weapons or explosives in your vicinity. It will give you peace of mind while you are out shopping or traveling in crowded areas. You can also use it at home if you want to see what kind of metal objects are hidden inside your walls.

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metal detector hand wand for public scan

The metal detector hand wand is a portable, handheld security metal detector that you can easily carry around. It's designed to be used in public places and is ideal for use as a security device at airports, train stations and other transportation hubs.

The metal detector wand has four main features:

-Long Range Detection - The metal detector hand wand can detect metals up to 10 feet away from the user.

-Discrimination Settings - The metal detector hand wand allows users to select between two discrimination settings: normal or sensitive mode. In normal mode, it will only beep if it detects any type of metal; in sensitive mode, it will only beep if it detects ferrous metals such as iron or steel. This feature makes it easy for users to set up their own personal preferences for detecting different types of metals.

-Audible & Visual Alarms - The metal detector hand wand emits an audible alarm when it detects a metallic object and also displays an icon on its LCD screen indicating what type of object has been detected. This makes it easy for users to know whether their detector has found something dangerous without having to look down at the screen every few seconds while they're using it!

super high sensitivity hand held metal detector

Technical specifications

4 levels Sensitivity

Low sensitivity, normal sensitivity, high sensitivity and ultra-high sensitivity

Power Voltage

9V standard dry battery; 7.4V lithium battery (additional)

Ultra-long standby

about 100 hours long standby time, dedicated lithium up to 500 hours.



Operating temperature

-20℃~ +65℃ (relative humidity:0~95% )






shock, impact resistant ABS plastic


High sensitivity for handheld devices designed specifically for the detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metal objects.

Ultra-high sensitivity, can be used to specically detect extremely small non-magnetic metal objects.

With three forms of sound, light and vibration alarm can be adapted to check in a variety of environments,and long battery life to meet the continuing needs

Alarm/ Low battery/ Power indicator (green/yellow/red)

Use domain

V160 hand held metal detector is the most advanced electronic technology, suitable for all international safety standards.

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