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Metal Detectors - What Are the Best?

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You realize that your progress has hit a wall as you're working on your latest job site. Before going forward with your job, you need to locate something buried beneath the ground. Industrial metal detection systems can solve this problem efficiently and cost-effectively. This article will examine how to choose the best industrial metal detector for your work. The most common applications for these systems will also be discussed. Among the most common equipment available for troubleshooting, we will overview Cable Locators, Pipe and Leak Detectors, Valve Box & Ferro Magnetometers, and Water Level Indicators. You can move as quickly as possible from one project to the next by choosing the right tool for the job.

To determine what to look for in a cable locating device, let's review what to look for. The most common configuration is a single frequency detector. Including pipes, cables, and conductive electrical lines, they are designed for tracing conductive lines. Advanced features, such as digital displays, are available. They are generally made of metal. To go along with your device, make sure you purchase the Audio phone II.

You will be able to hear the fainter signals and will also be able to block out external noise.

Detectors that locate cable:

  • Digital Line Tracer Detector Fisher Industrial TW-82

  • Metal Detector TW-6

  • Industrial Fisher TW-8800 Metal Detector

Another type of industrial metal detector looks for valves, maintenance hole covers, oil tanks, and pipes in general. As magnetometers, Fisher FML-3 and FX-3 can only detect iron or steel. Their deep-scanning capabilities make them extremely sensitive. Fisher's M-101 and M-97 both locate all types of metal and are what you need to find them. However, their drawback is that they are not as sensitive as magnetometers. For use with these devices, get a headphone like the Audio phone II.

Magnetometers for valves, boxes, and ferromagnets:

  • Magnetic Locator Detector Fisher FML-3

  • Metal Detector Fisher FX-3

  • Industrial Metal Detector Fisher M-101

  • Metal Detector Fisher M-97

Instruments used to detect leaks in pipes and liquids are the next group of detection devices. These devices detect leaks in pipes and liquids. Their technologies allow them to pinpoint leaks even under challenging environments. These devices are equipped with digital displays and notch filters that suppress external noise. When using these devices, make sure you have headphones like the Audio phone II.

Locating devices for pipes and leaks:

  • Liquid leak detector Fisher Industrial XLT-17

  • model fishing XLT-30

  • Pipe Tracker PT-1 by JW Fishers

The final category is water level detection equipment. You can order different lengths of these devices based on your specific application. With their help, you can accurately measure your wells and other bodies of water. An audio tone and an LED indicate the presence of water.

Indicators of the level of water:

  • WLT Fisher Industrial

Industrial metal detector applications and detection systems are available in a wide variety. To select the proper detector for your application, you must understand how the detection systems differ. Hopefully, you now have better insight into what to pick the next time you need a detector. Expert advice is essential when selecting equipment because no two jobs are the same. For help choosing the right equipment for your application, contact our experienced product specialists.


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