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Multi-energy X Ray Security Inspection System for Cargo Scanning

The Multi-energy X Ray Security Inspection System is a high-speed, multi-energy x ray system that is used for cargo scanning and screening of all types of baggage. The system also includes a conveyor belt, tunnel size, and security screening solution.

The Multi-energy X Ray Security Inspection System is designed to be used with any type of metal detector, including but not limited to an organic material detector or a parcel scanner. It can also be used with a high resolution dual energy detector. The Multi-energy X Ray Security Inspection System has been designed to provide the most accurate inspection possible in a timely manner, allowing for quick turnaround time.


VX150180 can distinguish organic and inorganic materials by atomic composition of the material.  VX150180 can distinguish explosives/drugs and realize Threat Image Project Function through adding different option. The operator can easily identify materials with the following coloring scheme:  

  Organic material--orange

  Inorganic material--blue

  Mixed material--green

  High density material--black

  • VKX150180

  • vikingdetector

  • 202301130811

Multi-energy X Ray Security Inspection System

The Multi-energy X Ray Security Inspection System for Cargo Scanning is a high-resolution scanning technology that can be used to detect any hidden objects in objects.

Cargo scanning X Ray Security Inspection System

The Multi-energy X Ray Security Inspection System for Cargo Scanning uses a combination of high energy x-rays and lower energy x-rays to provide accurate results. It is possible to detect any metallic materials such as guns, knives, or other weapons as well as organic materials such as drugs and explosives.

By combining the two types of x-rays, a more complete picture of the contents of your cargo can be obtained. If you want to ensure that your valuable goods are not stolen by unscrupulous people, this is one solution worth considering.

Security screening system

Security screening systems are a necessity for any company that deals with high-value cargo. If you're looking for a system that can check the contents of your packages or containers, then you need to look no further than [company name]. Our multi-energy x-ray security inspection system is designed to scan baggage, conveyor belts, and even tunnels so that you can be sure that your materials are safe.

multi-energy x-ray security inspection

The multi-energy x-ray security inspection system uses two different types of radiation: gamma rays and x-rays. The gamma rays are used to scan for metal objects (such as knives), while the x-rays are used to detect organic materials like explosives. Both types of radiation have different properties depending on what type of material it's being used on—for example, metals will show up as bright spots on an image while organic materials will appear dark in comparison.

This means that our security screening system can scan both metallic and non-metallic objects at once! We also have multiple options available depending on the size and shape of your cargo; our smallest tunnel scanner is only eight inches wide so it won't take up much room at all if you need something small enough to fit through

Operating Environment:

Operation temperature/Humidity: 0℃ to +40℃/10%-95%(non-condensing)

Storage Temperature/Humidity: -20℃to 60℃/ 5%-95%(non-condensing)

Operation Power: 220VAC(+10%~-15%)50±3Hz (Optional: 100VAC,110VAC,120VAC,200VAC)

Power Consumption: 2.0KW (max) 

Noise: <58db

Dimensions (L×W×H) :2127mm*2230mm *2338mm

Weight: 3500kgs



Computer Character:


Power: 250W/ATX

Main board: AIMB 501G2

CPU: G1610 2.6G

Storage: 2GB 1600MHz DDR3 Innodisk

Hard Disk: SEAGATE 500G 3.5”


X-ray Generator:                        Other Characters:

Anode Voltage: 160kv adjustment

Anode power:  1.2mA adjustment

Generate angle: 80 degree downward


Generate direct: from top to bottom

Cooling / Duty Cycle: Oil Cooling /100%


Detect PCB board: UK brand Sensortech

Extension Rollers: customize size length

Support card reader operator access

CD DVR/RW unit: Optional

Computer system: XP system

Monitor: 17 inch DELL two monitors

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