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security checkpoint x ray baggage screening scan scanner

The 6040X-ray baggage scanner allows you to check all your bags for explosives, weapons, guns, and other items.

Our factory also produces different sizes of Xray baggage scanners to suit various customers:

High Light of x-ray Machine:

* Accurate Z7 and Z8 marks for explosives or narcotics

* Partly zoomed up to 3x;
  • VX6040I

  • vikingdetector

  • 9031499090

Our security checkpoint x ray baggage screening scan scanner system is designed to provide fast, accurate results that can be used to make informed decisions on whether or not to allow a passenger's luggage through the security checkpoint.

The system uses a 3D X-ray scanning technology to help detect any potential threats in the luggage of passengers. The operator can view the scan in real time and see what is inside the luggage. This allows them to quickly determine if there are any potential threats in the luggage, and make an informed decision on whether or not to allow it through the security checkpoint.

viking detector's' 6040I Dual-energy Xraybaggagescanner is an advanced dual-energy Xraybaggagescanner. It measures 600 x 400 mm (W). Dual-view technology is used to create a horizontal and vertical view of an object under inspection. Dual view technology allows for a dual-dimensional view of the object, which aids in the detection of contraband items.

Technical attributes

* Dual energy penetration system;

* Radiation protection technology improved

* TIP program

* Clear and distinct image

* Scanned images can zoom as high as 32 times

* Integrated structure design, refinement appearance

Technical information:

Tunnel size

600*400mm (w*h)

Conveyor speed


Conveyor height


Max Load


Wire Resolution


Spatial resolution

vertical:diameter 1.0mm,horizontal:diameter 1.0mm


8mm steel panel


17inch,resolution 1280*1024

X Ray generator anode voltage


Cooling/operational cycle

Oil Cooling 100%

X ray Dose per inspection

<0.16 mSv

Image processing

Pseudocolor/black-and-white image, Negative Images, High Penetrating, Super-enhancement. histogram equalization. check back/forward. Automated save image





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