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tunnel opening High speed conveyorised X-ray scanner for security

Tunnel opening high speed conveyorised X-ray scanner for security

This system is designed to detect threats in a short period of time and at a high speed. The system can be installed in a variety of applications, including:

-Airport security

-Border security

-Port facilities/maritime security

-Event venues
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High speed conveyorised X-ray scanner for security

Conveyorised, automated and high-speed X-ray scanning systems are the ideal solution for secure entrances to buildings, public transport facilities, border crossings and airports. These systems provide all-weather scanning of vehicles or luggage in a fully automated process that can be operated by a single operator.

The system can be integrated into an existing building's architecture or integrated into a new building design to provide maximum flexibility and productivity.



Tunnel Size : W656mm x H501mm

Speed : 0.20 m/s

Height of Transmission Belt : 664 mm

Maximum Load : <100 kg (Adequate distribution)

Wire Resolution : 38 AWG (0.0787mm metal wire)

Space Definition : Horizontal ① 1.0mm \ Vertical ①1.0mm

Penetrate Definition : 34 AWG

Penetration : 34mm Steel board

Monitor : 19 inch LED

System Function : High density alarm, Explosive/Drug auxiliary detect, TIP, Luggage counter.

System running timer, X-ray emitting timer.

Training, 64 times continuous zoom in

Film Safety : ASA/ISO1600 standard of film safety

X-ray System

Tube Voltage : 140 Kv

Cooling : Seal oil cooling /100%

Single Inspection Dosage Rate : <1.0(i Gy

Radiation Leak Dosage : 0.1 Gy/h (5cm from the surface)



Installation Specification

Machine  Size :  1875mm (L) * 934mm (W) * 1300mm (H)

Package size  :2040mm (L) °1020mm (W) °1530mm (H)

Package Weight: 220KG Consumption : 1 kVA

Noise : 53.8 dB(A)






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