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under Filled Or Overfilled Packages Weight Checking in Motion Check Weigher

High Performance Checkweighing for Manufacturers

A high performance checkweigher from Vikingdetector helps prevent underfilled or overfilled packages from reaching consumers. It also reduces product waste and rework time, provides completeness checks for package components and important production data for process improvements.
  • CVW-2015
  • vikingdetector

Dynamic checkweighers verify the weight of every product on the line, detecting and remove an underfilled product before it becomes a problem. In addition, the load cells that power our checkweighers are able to filter out environmental noise that could influence the weighing result, meaning a reduction in false rejects.

This helps to keep manufacturers in compliance with local weights and measures regulations as well as industry standards. More importantly, it helps to reduce production costs by reducing wasted product through the use of real-time feedback and automatic adjustment to filling equipment.

The optional Due Diligence Kits add further monitoring options, which make certain non-conforming or defective products are safely removed from the production line. To make rework easier to perform, the system can even sort products into different reject bins depending on the issue

in motion checkweigher.





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