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200kg Belt Load Baggage Scanner Machine 0.2 M / S For Checkpoints

200kg Belt Load Baggage Scanner Machine 0.2 M / S For Checkpoints

The 200kg Belt Load Baggage Scanner Machine is a lightweight and compact baggage scanner used for the detection of metallic objects on conveyor belts. It can be used in checkpoints where there is a need to detect and identify any prohibited or dangerous items such as weapons, drugs, explosives, etc.

The 200kg Belt Load Baggage Scanner Machine has been designed with an easy-to-operate design and features a high-speed scanning mechanism that allows users to scan up to 200 kg of cargo per minute. The unit has a built-in self-diagnostic function that automatically checks whether all the components are working properly before it starts scanning. The machine comes with a high-quality touch screen display panel and color display screen which makes it easy for users to see what's happening on the screen at any time during operation.
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Conveyor belt baggage scanner machine 

Introducing our robust and efficient 200kg Belt Load Baggage Scanner Machine, specifically designed for checkpoints and security screening applications. With a maximum load capacity of 200kg and a conveyor speed of 0.2 meters per second, this state-of-the-art baggage scanner ensures thorough and swift screening of luggage, making it an ideal solution for airports, transportation hubs, government facilities, and other high-security environments.

**Key Features:**

1. **High Load Capacity:**

  - The baggage scanner machine is designed to handle a maximum load of 200kg, accommodating a wide range of baggage sizes and weights commonly encountered at security checkpoints.

2. **Fast Conveyor Speed:**

  - With a conveyor speed of 0.2 meters per second, this baggage scanner ensures efficient throughput, reducing wait times and optimizing the screening process in high-traffic areas.

3. **Advanced X-ray Imaging:**

  - Equipped with advanced X-ray imaging technology, the scanner provides high-resolution images of baggage contents. This allows security personnel to identify potential threats with precision.

4. **Dual-Energy Technology:**

  - Utilizing dual-energy X-ray technology, the scanner distinguishes between different materials, enhancing the detection of organic and inorganic items. This contributes to improved threat identification and security screening accuracy.

5. **Automatic Threat Recognition (ATR):**

  - Featuring Automatic Threat Recognition (ATR) software, the baggage scanner automates the analysis of X-ray images, flagging potential threats and streamlining the screening process for security personnel.

6. **Large Inspection Area:**

  - The scanner is designed with a spacious inspection area to accommodate oversized baggage and ensure comprehensive screening without compromising on accuracy.

7. **User-Friendly Interface:**

  - The baggage scanner machine comes with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for operators to navigate and control the scanning process. This intuitive design minimizes training requirements for security personnel.

8. **Automatic Conveyor Control:**

  - To enhance operational efficiency, the scanner includes automatic conveyor control features, allowing for seamless integration into the baggage handling process. Conveyor movement is synchronized with the scanning operation.

9. **Remote Monitoring and Control:**

  - Support for remote monitoring and control enables security personnel to manage the baggage scanning process from a central location, ensuring efficient and centralized security operations.

10. **Compliance with Security Standards:**

   - Our 200kg Belt Load Baggage Scanner Machine is designed to meet and exceed international security standards, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements for effective security screening.


The 200kg Belt Load Baggage Scanner Machine is suitable for a variety of security screening applications, including but not limited to:


Airports and aviation security


Transportation hubs


Government facilities

- Critical infrastructure sites


Public venues and events


- **High Throughput:** The fast conveyor speed ensures efficient screening and quick throughput, reducing wait times at security checkpoints.

- **Accurate Threat Detection:** Advanced X-ray imaging and dual-energy technology enhance threat detection accuracy, ensuring a high level of security screening.

- **Versatile Load Capacity:** With a maximum load capacity of 200kg, the scanner accommodates various baggage sizes, providing flexibility in screening different types of luggage.

- **User-Friendly Operation:** The intuitive interface and automatic conveyor control contribute to a user-friendly design, making the scanner easy to operate for security personnel.

- **Remote Monitoring:** Support for remote monitoring enables centralized control, enhancing overall security operations and efficiency.

Invest in the security of your facility with our 200kg Belt Load Baggage Scanner Machine. This advanced technology ensures a seamless and effective baggage screening process, providing peace of mind in environments where security is of utmost importance. Trust in the reliability, efficiency, and accuracy of our baggage scanner for comprehensive security screening at checkpoints.

The 200kg Belt Load Baggage Scanner Machine 0.2 M / S For Checkpoints is a state-of-the-art baggage scanner that can scan 200kg of bags per minute, allowing you to get through the lines faster and save valuable time. The machine is lightweight, easy to use, and portable, so you can take it on your travels without worry about how much it weighs or how much space it takes up in your suitcase.

Specification for x-ray baggage scanner inspection amchine:

* Size:800(W),*650(H),mm

* Conveyor Speed: 0.22m/s

* Conveyor Max Load: 200kg

* Dose per Inspection: <2.9 mGy/h

* Resolution: <0.101mm Metal Wire

* Spatial resolution: Level is dia1.0mm; Vertical is dia1.3mm

* Penetrate resolution: Dia 0.511mm

* Penetration: 32mm Steel

* Film Safety: Garanty ISO1600 Film

* X-ray leakage: 0.05 mgy/h (at 5cm from external housing)

The X-ray Generator for x-ray baggage detection

* Generate direct: Upward

* Generate angle: 80 degree

* Anode Voltage: 140Kv

* Anode power: 0.3mA

* Cooling/Duty Cycle: Oil Cooling

Images System of xray baggage detector

* X-ray Sensor: L-Shaped Photodiode Array (multi-energetic), 12bit Deep

* Monitor: High Resolution Color, LCD Accord, 19 inch, operation desk(optional)

* Image Processing: Edge enhancement, image strengthening, image lightening,, reducing darkening, image returning, image retrieval.

* Image Grey Level: 4096

* Image Max Resolution: 1024 * 1280pixel

* Image Processing: 24bit to process real-time

* Image Storage: 60000 photos in real-time

*Zones & Zoom: 1-64 Image Regions,Whole-screen continuous observation

* Multienergetic distinguish objects Organic objects in orange, inorganic items in blue, and mixture in green

* Help to detect explosive powder

TIP & Operator Training Program

* Remote workstation

Installation data of x ray inspection baggage scanner machine 

Operation temperature/Humidity: 0degC-45degC/20%-95%(non-condensing)

Storage Temperature/Humidity: -20degC-60degC/20%-95%(non-condensing)

Operation Power: 187240VAC 50/60Hz

Power Consumption: 1KW (working).

Noise: <55db





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