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X-ray Luggage Scanner

airport luggage x ray scanner supplier

The DongGuan Viking technology co;ltd  is one of the leading suppliers of airport luggage scanners and x ray machines in China. We offer a wide variety of products, including:

Luggage X Ray Scanner

Airport Luggage Scanner

TSA Bag Scanner

airport luggage scanner

luggage scanner is for airport

Airport luggage scanner is for airport use and is designed to scan the baggage of passengers and determine the contents of their luggage. The device scans the baggage and identifies any illegal items, such as weapons or drugs, before they are allowed to be carried onto a plane.

The scanner works by emitting a beam of X-ray radiation through the baggage. Any items inside the bag will block some of the radiation and cause an image of those items to be produced on a fluorescent screen located behind the bag. This image can then be used to identify what is in the bag and whether it contains any illegal materials.

Luggage x ray 

Luggage X-Ray is a powerful tool for detecting hidden items inside your luggage. With its fast speed and high resolution, it can quickly scan your luggage without any hassle. Its strong detection capability can identify even the smallest objects hidden in your luggage.

The product is developed by our company with the latest technology, using the best materials and strict quality control to ensure that it meets all international standards.




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