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Successful Cases
On last and this year our security metal detector and x ray baggage scanner successful finished support 2015 Nigeria President election security Mission. Outstanding finished the GuangDong International Modern furniture Fair and the 2015 Sudirman Cup Security protection.
[Successful Cases] Walk-Through Metal Detector for Concerts/Events/sports center
Walk-Through Metal Detector for Philippine Arena: The metal detector industry is constantly growing in popularity,and with good reason! Its features and capabilities are unique, making it an ideal option for thoselooking to security their venues or events. One of the most popular metal detectors on
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[Successful Cases] Walk-Through Metal Detector for Concerts/Events
The Parliament HouseThe Parliament House building in Islamabad was inaugurated on 28th May, 1986. It took exactly 11 years to build. It was designed by Edward Durel Stone, an architect from USA.The five storied building has a total floor space of about 598,000 sq. feet. The ground floor has a covere
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[Successful Cases] Under Vehicle Surveillance System UVSS installed in Africa Nigeria
UnderVehicleScanners can help scan, inspect, and record the underside of vehicles quickly and easily. In today's world, we need to be extra vigilant against terrorism, crime, theft, and vandalism. By using modern technology like UnderVehicleScanners, we can help enhance the efficiency and quality o
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[Successful Cases] Detection | Viking Walk Through Metal Detectors In philippine
Detection | Viking Walk Through Metal Detectors In philippineChurches and mosques offer a safe space for prayer, comfort, and enriching experiences. However, these religious sanctuaries face challenges adapting to changing health care needs. Churches and Mosques provide a space for people to come to
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