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X Ray Baggage Scanner

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baggage scanner machine and x ray bag scanner

We are a professional manufacturer of baggage scanner machine and x ray bag scanner, we have been specialized in this field for more than 10 years. Our products are well-known for their high quality and good performance. With the help of our company's excellent staff and advanced production facilities, we can provide you with high quality products at competitive prices. If you're interested in our products, please contact us!

X-ray Baggage Scanner

A X-ray baggage scanner is a device used to inspect the contents of luggage. Today, it is commonly used at airports and other public places to detect explosives, weapons and other contraband. The machine is also used in some industries to detect the presence of contraband items in packages or cargo containers.

An X-ray baggage scanner uses an X-ray source to produce an image on film or an electronic display of the contents of bags or other containers. The image may be viewed remotely by a human operator or automatically by a computer system, which compares it with known images from previous scans.

Baggage Scanner Manufacturers

Airport x ray scanner 

X-ray baggage scanners are used at airports to detect explosives, weapons, and other prohibited items in baggage. They are used for both checked and carry-on bags, and can be used for passengers or cargo.

Dual energy and single energy 

The two most common types of x-ray baggage scanners are dual energy and single energy. Dual energy x-ray scanners use two separate wavelengths of x-rays to produce a single image, while single energy x-ray scanners use one wavelength of x-rays to produce an image. Both types of scanner use ionizing radiation to create images that can be seen by the human eye.

X-ray baggage scanners can also be used for cargo screening, as well as screening for illicit drugs and other contraband goods within vehicles or containers.

Airport Security X-Ray

Airport security X-rays are a crucial part of airport security. They allow airports to check the contents of luggage, holdalls and other items carried by passengers before they board a plane.

X-rays are used by airport security staff to scan luggage, holdalls and other items that are being taken onto an aircraft. They can detect any objects which could be used as weapons or to cause harm to other people on board an aircraft. The purpose of an x-ray is to ensure that there are no dangerous materials on board the aircraft or in the luggage or holdalls of passengers.




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