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Needle Detector Machine

garment and textile needle detector

Garment needle detector 

Needle Detector is a professional metal detector machine for garment and textile industry. It can be used to detect broken needles, pins, sewing needles and other metal objects in textiles. It is easy to operate and has good sensitivity.

Needle detector, also known as needle metal detector or garment metal detector, is a device used to locate and remove needles that may be hidden in cargo, clothing, or other objects. A needle detector can be used to locate a single needle or multiple needles at once.

Textile industry needle detector 

Needle detectors are very useful in the textile, garment and leather industries where these types of needles are often used. They can be used to detect needles in clothing as well as other types of goods such as carpets and rugs.

Needle detector application

Needle detector is a device used to detect any kind of metal objects that are hidden inside the garment. This device has a very simple design, it is just a hand held device with a display and a small speaker. When the needle detecting machine detects any kind of metal object, it will beep and display an error message on its screen. The needle detector can be used for finding needles or pins that are hidden in clothes and other fabric items. It is also used for finding metallic objects that are hidden inside electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops.

The needle detector is available in different designs and sizes depending upon their usage. The most common design is that of hand held devices which can be carried around easily by anyone. These types of needle detectors are cheap and easy to use as well. Another type of needle detector comes in the form of machine which can be mounted on walls or tables to detect needles inside clothes during their manufacturing process at factories or shops where they are sold by people who sell them new clothes without needles inside them!




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