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metal detector for food processing
Food Industry
pharmaceutical metal detectors

Coal And Cement

Mines, cement, thermal power, chemical industry etc. it is used for detecting bulk metallic, or shovel teeth in the ore or coal,in order not to damage the working machines.


Flawless! Highly precise weighing and inspection technology for the cosmetics sector Irrespective of whether you deal with decorative cosmetics, liquid shampoo, paper hygiene or hair spray in your cosmetics production

Food Industry

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As a food producer or retailer, you need a strong partner to help you ensure the best possible food safety. With less than perfect product inspection, you risk foreign bodies in your products and potential food recalls with losses running into millions. Let us help you to prevent this happening.


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For pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and other healthcare companies, the use of checkweighing scales increase the efficiency of making the product completeness check downstream of the packaging process. This starts with a quick check at blister pack level to verify that a blister pack is missing.

Plastic And Rubber

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A variety of unwanted items, such as metal, wood or glass, can find their way into the manufacturing process in a host of industries including plastics. Some contaminants occur as a result of processing, while others are simply inherent to the product itself.

Publich Security Inspection

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Airports and Seaports、Government Buildings、Embassies、
Police Facilities、Courthouses、Prisons and jails、Military Bases
Hospitals、Banks、Financial Institutions、Colleges and Schools、
Hotels and Casinos、Power plants、Research Sites、Sports Stadiums

Rugs And Recycling

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Textiles and carpets in the landfill are a wasted resource because the fibers can be re-manufactured into new products such as new carpeting or insulation. Textiles in good condition can be reused or turned into rags, which in turned can be recycled into paper.

Textile And Garment

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Needle Detection machines are used to detect needles in large amounts of fabric. When using industrial machines and tools to produce garments, the fabric is processed in large amounts and a needle detection machine is often used in order to detect metallic Foreign Objects in the fabric, so that nothing is left in the product by mistake.

Wood And Lumber

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The forestry industry faces a number of unique challenges. Whether running a sawmill, an engineered wood plant or a paper and pulp factory, the cost of operation is enormous and profit lies in producing the best product without downtime or wasted resources. 




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