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Door frame metal detector

Door frame metal detector(DFMD)

Door frame metal detectors are used to detect metal objects in door frames. They use the same principles as hand-held metal detectors, but instead of being hand-held, they are fixed to the wall or other structure and can detect metal objects through the door frame.

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Door frame metal detectors work by sending out electrical waves that bounce off of any objects that they come in contact with. If an object is made of metal, it will reflect these waves back at a different frequency than if it were not made of metal. This can be detected by the detector and used to determine whether or not there is a metallic object behind the door frame.

Door frame metal detectors are an excellent way to keep your home, business, or other property safe. Door frame metal detectors can be used to detect the presence of any metal objects on a person passing through the doorway, and will sound an alarm if they find anything.

Door frame metal detectors are used in many different settings. They are useful for checking people as they go through a door, or as they enter or exit a building. They can also be used in schools or other public places where security is important.

Door frame metal detectors come in a variety of different models. Some models work with a keypad and screen, while others have a touchscreen interface that allows users to adjust settings for sensitivity levels and other features.




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