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2800mm wide Needle metal detector for cloth

1.Stainless steel shell
  2. sensor made from high quality magnetic material
 3. Hi-stable design can be installed on Fabric inspection machine
4. Touch-button integrated control panel
5.10 LED indicate sensor lever
6.SMD technology
  • VDW-B

  • vikingscan

  • 202303061939

Needle metal detector for cloth

The needle metal detector is a portable instrument used to find and identify ferromagnetic metals. The instrument consists of a coil and an electronic circuit. The coil is made up of many turns of fine wire wound tightly around a core, usually a circular laminated iron core. The electronic circuit detects the electromagnetic field produced by the current flowing in the coil and produces an audible tone when it detects the field. A typical needle metal detector has a range of about one inch; this means that it can detect objects within one inch of its surface.

Needle metal detector for cloth, also known as the needle metal detector and the needle sensor, is mainly used to detect the existence of hidden metal objects in the cloth. The main technology of this product is that it uses a high frequency alternating current signal to pass through the conductive materials of the object and detects its impedance change, so that it can identify whether there is any metal material inside. It has a wide range of detection (about 2mm), which can effectively avoid false identification.

ModelVDW-B Alarm Buzzer & Lamp
Detection sensitivity0.6mm*L33  steel needle Detection sensitivityMax 110mm height by steel needle
Detection width2800mm Power Supply AC200-240V 50-60Hz
WeightAppr.100kg Rated Output Appr.25W
 Deliver time 15-20 workdays
 Package Plywooden case for package suitable for export shipment
 Payment term 50%T/T deposit,50% before shipping





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