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6550A security screening scanner airport xray machine

It is essential to purchase the best airport xray machine. X-ray scanners for body scans and xray baggage scanners are essential to protect your passengers, assets, or facility. Not only are weapons, explosives and drugs a problem for security personnel, but so is narcotics. Shippers should inspect any dangerous cargo to avoid it crossing borders or falling into the wrong hands. To ensure the safety of VIPs as well as public, arenas and crowd-pleasing events must be secured. Important infrastructure throughout the globe must be secured from intruders, both internal and external. Point Security offers the most technologically advanced and certified security scanner available today.

An xray scanner is used to identify dangerous organic, inorganic, or metal materials. Different materials absorb radiation at different levels. Security scanners identify dangerous items by examining the material's mass density and atomic numbers. Different colors will appear on the screen for inorganic, organic and metal materials. Orange color will indicate organic materials. Explosives are usually made from organic materials. Personnel can read the xray scanners to detect threats. The x-ray scanners will alert the operator if the object's weight and density fall within the dangerous material range. A security x-ray machine uses very low doses of radiation to find metallic and nonmetallic objects under clothing or within body cavities. To assess the ability of an xray scanner, or xray baggage scanner, you need to see what it can offer your facility and staff. These are questions you should ask. Are the instructions easy to follow? Do I need to train my staff or will it take me hours to learn how to use them? What quality images are displayed? How easy is it to detect dangerous items on the screen. How often does the machine emit a false alarm? Are there many false positives or does the x-ray inspection machine reduce the time taken?


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6550A security screening scanner airport xray machine FEATURE:

Alarm by sounds & light::Alarm by sounds and light when conform to condition.

Network interface:Could be connect local area network and support multi-terminal check baggage at same times

Safety ray:Transmit ray under automatic control, avoids the miss.

Simple operation by mouse:Without keyboard and work table, control by mouse, save space.

Turn off by a key control:Turn off the machine only need one step:revolves the key. The equipment automatic security close-down, does not need complex many steps, is simpler.

Eagle-eye:Could be expediently observing enlargement area.

Estimate malfunction by self:Automatic estimate malfunction and prompt message, helpful for the maintenance.

6550A security screening scanner airport x ray machine TECHNICAL DATA:

Tunnel Size:650(W)×500(H)mm
Conveyor Speed:0.22 m/s 1  
Conveyor Max Load:100 kg
Single inspection dosage:< 1.5&micro;Gy
Wire Resolution:0.1mm metal line
Steel Penetration:8MM armor plate
Film Safety:For ISO 1600
Maximum leakage radiation:<0.3&micro;GY/H  

6550A x ray scanner machine X-RAY GENERATOR:

Orientation: Vertically Upward

Tube Current: 0.4~1.2MA(adjustable)

Anode Voltage: 100~160 KV(adjustable)

Angle: 80&deg;

Generator cooling/working periods: Sealed oil bath with forced air/100%

Image performance system:

X-ray sensor: l type photo-diode array detector, 12bit

Monitor: high resolution 17inch color lcd display

Color quality: 24 bit real colors

Edge enhancement: object contour edge is more distinct

Super image enhancement: image detail is more distinct

High penetrate strength display: increase brightness of dark area in image to display object which is behind high absorbtivity mass distinctly

Low penetrate strength display: increase contrast of low absorbtivity mass (easy to penetrate) to display it distinctly

Magnifier: function of partial enlargement

Brightening/dimming: increase brightness of image/decrease brightness of image

Image recurrence: display previous twenty images and process any one of them

Image restoration :restore image to initial status at the time of stopping conveyor

Image storing: real time store any image and process it in operation status

Multi-energy function:

Multi-energy color :display organic material for orange, display inorganic material for blue, and display mixture for green

High energy/low energy: switch to display two energy type, high energy stands for metal etc., low energy stands for nonmetallic

Auxiliary function for drugs & explosives: help to detect such dangerous material as drugs & explosives etc.

Audible & visible alarm: give sound and visible signal when conforming to condition


Storage Temperature: -20&ordm;C to 60&ordm;C

Operating Temperature: 0&ordm;C to 45&ordm;C

Relative Humidity: 20 to 95% non-condensing

System Power: 220 VAC (&plusmn;10%) 50&plusmn;3HZ

Power wastage: 1.0 KW (Max)

Noise: <65DB

6550A security screening scanner airport xray machine Advantages :

1. With equipment to save electricity

2. Famous brand spare parts:

3. Protective cover on lead curtain to avoid lead pollution

4. Sound and light alarm

5. Local network supported





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