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Airport security walk through gate metal detector system

The airport security inspection door frame walk through gate metal detector system is a single-zone, magnetic field door frame metal detector that uses metal objects as a trigger to initiate the inspection.

This system is designed for use in airports, with its ability to detect any metal object within its detection area. The door frame metal detector can be used with existing airport security systems that are already in place, or it can be used as an additional layer of security by itself.

The system can also be integrated into existing airport security systems, allowing you to seamlessly integrate both systems together.

It's easy to install and use: just attach the magnetic field detector to your door frame and power it up! You'll be ready for full-body scans in no time.
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airport security inspection door frame metal detector 

The airport security inspection door frame walk through gate metal detector system is a single-zone metal detector that uses a magnetic field to detect metal objects. The control unit is connected to the metal detector, so it can be used in conjunction with other detectors.

Airport metal detector 

The metal detector can be used at any airport that has a metal detector, but it is most commonly used in the security checkpoint at airports. It works by sending a magnetic field into the air in front of you and then detecting any metal objects that are close enough to it.

It's important to note that this does not detect non-metallic objects like plastic or wood—it only detects metallic ones. This means that you will still need to pass through a physical metal detector before entering the secure area of an airport if you want to avoid having your luggage scanned by hand.

The airport security inspection process is one of the most thorough in the world, and it's essential that you're ready for it.

That's why we has developed a range of products that help you prepare for airport security inspections. Our [product name] range is made up of single zone door frame metal detectors, control units, and walk through metal detectors. We have a wide range of products that can be used in conjunction with each other or on their own.

Our products are designed to meet all kinds of demands when it comes to airport security inspections. They are suitable for use in airports and other large public spaces where there are high volumes of people moving through them at a fast pace. They can also be used in smaller spaces such as office buildings or public transport stations where there are many visitors who need to pass through an area quickly before moving on with their day.

This model obtained surface patent and software system registration property. This model detectct metals by electromagnet and alarmed by sound and light if metals overload. It contains CPU,generator,signal receiver, infrared ray sensor. Beautiful surface,strong detecting,more detecting zones,internet remote control management system and waterproof. It can be separated eight parts for better taken and transferred. It’s leader of portable walk through metal detector in the market.





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