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Fast speed baggage scanner for logistic luggage screening

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Fast speed  baggage scanner for logistic luggage screening

VKX140100 Gantry machine (leapfrog)

VKX140100 is a multi-energy X-ray inspection equipment independently developed by DongGuan Viking Technology Co., Ltd. It is used in logistics and express delivery places for safety inspection of items without modifying or destroying existing assembly lines. It has clear images and high penetration. performance, digital intelligence, stable and reliable performance,etc.


X-ray generator:

Basic parameters:

Parameters: tube voltage 140~180KV tube current:1~3mA digital

Channel size:1400mm(W)X1000mm(H)


Line resolution∶AWG40(0.787mm wire)Penetration resolution: AWG36(40.127mm wire)

Cooling method: sealed oil cooling, over temperature protection Spatial resolution∶horizontal φ1.0mm vertical φ1.0mm

Device function Penetration:240mmsteelplate Noise:<60dB

Image processing functions: black and white/color, High energy penetration/Low energy penetration, organic/inorganic rejection,

Radiation Safety:

brightening/dimming,zoom in/out,local enhancement,edge

Single examination dose:<3uGy

enhancement, super enhancement, suspicious item alarm/dan-

Leakage dose∶ <0.5μSv/h

gerous goods insertion, etc.

System functions: one-key power on/off, fault self-check, multi-user management, multi-format image export, remote control, etc.




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Dongguan Vking technology is a professional Large Scale manufacture of all types of Industrial metal detector, Security metal detector

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