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Portable under vehicle inspection camera

Monitor: 4.3 inches 16:9 color LCD .
640*480 pixel(by 4:3).
Camera: CCD IR or w/ IR .
DVR(model with DVR) :Support up to 8G max SD
card recording
Eye wear monitor(ULDE): 42 inches visual size
Power:12VDC,110~230VAC for charger
Rods: Light weight aluminium.
Length from 90cm to 110cm.
  • VS-C

  • vikingdetector

  • 8543709100

under vehicle search camera

Portable under vehicle inspection camera

The portable under vehicle inspection camera is an essential tool in the fight against auto theft and terrorism. The device allows law enforcement to inspect vehicles without having to lift them, which can be dangerous and time-consuming.

It works by sending a high-powered beam of light into the engine compartment of a parked vehicle, allowing officers to see what they need to see—and nothing more. The device also has a built-in microphone and video recorder that allows officers to record their inspection for later review.

This technology will help reduce crime rates and make our streets safer!

The camera is a portable under vehicle inspection camera. This product is compatible with all types of vehicles, and it can be used to detect any kind of security problems.

The camera is an innovative device that will allow you to check the security of your vehicle without having to take it to a mechanic or pay for any extra services. The device can be used at home, so you don't have to worry about taking off work in order to get your car checked out.

This product is also very affordable. It's easy to use, and it comes with everything you need right out of the box.

Power:12VDC,110~230VAC for charger

Rods: Light weight aluminium.

Length from 90cm to 110cm.

Battery: Li technology battery

Using time: about 5 Hrs

Charging time:about 3 Hrs

Unit weight: 1.5kg

Unit packing: 62*36*9cm

Carton weight: 11kg (5PCS in one carton)

Products introduction

Vfinder   portable-type camera is

the latest launched model to help facilitate the easy

and safe search for contraband under vehicles. It is

module design for variable request from customer.

The 4.3 inches high resolution LCD is attached to a

Li battery house to be adjust in 150 degree area.

You can also choose a built-in DVR function module

for future study.

The rod sets can be extend to as long as 110cm

meter for higher people searching without concern

the light weight thus rugged aluminium material

construction. You can also collapse it to 90cm

without tools.

The special arm rest and handle grip is very useful

for easy handling at any harsh condition.

under vehicle search camera





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