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Types of x ray screening scanner

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An x-ray scanner can identify harmful organic, inorganic and metal materials by their mass density and atomic number. 

Different materials absorb x-rays at different levels, so they will appear differently on the screen. 

For example, organic materials will appear as orange. This allows security personnel to identify potential threats, 

such as explosives. If an object's mass and density fall within the range of a dangerous material, the x-ray scanner will warn the operator.

Not every situation, package, or threat is the same, which is why viking scan X-ray Systems supplies different types of scanner solutions for different need.

  • Mail and Small Parcel Scanners: These devices specifically aim to detect any

  • suspicious mail that might contain forbidden objects or contraband as it passes

  • through the system.usually 5030C model or 6550 model is best optional 

  • Hand Luggage Scanners: These devices are designed for screening hand

  • baggage, small parcels and packages and small size cargo. such as 5030A 5030C .A five start hotel necessary have such size 

  • Large Baggage Scanners: These scanners are designed for screening aircraft

  • hold baggage, large parcels and packages, and medium-sized cargo.

  • Usually logistic company have this need takes of our model

  • VX8065 middle size the tunnel size is 800*650mm It is enough for a carton box inspection .

  • Many China logistic and express site tales of this same models 

  • Cargo Scanners: These are designed for screening large cargo and palletised goods,

  • and are available with different levels of X-ray.Usually if you target is bulk cargos and goods .

  • The model VX10080 Or model VX100100 which tunnel size is 1000mm by 800mm or 1000mm

  • by 1000mm is enough .It can easy pass through big cargos 

Industries we supply security equipment to:

  • Customs, borders, and ports: Due to the ever-present threat of cross-border smuggling,

  • authorities require a way to effectively monitor imports, exports, transit traffic and people

  • for illicit goods and dangerous materials.

    This circumstance request quick and bulk inspection .

  • Our sales records in Africa countries border to inspect elepant tees used modle is

  • VX100100 tunnel size 1 meter by 1 meter . 

  • Governmental departments: Departments face an ongoing risk of

  • attack and require innovative technologies and solutions to safeguard people and infrastructure.

    This circumstance request high penetration and clear picture

  • .for a small suspect target can see very clear Usually takes of VX5030C with penetration 40mm 

  • Financial institutions, embassies, and schools: The locations

  • are all highly susceptible to ongoing threats and attacks from

  • a range of lethal weapons and explosive devices.

  • Small hotels or market ,shopping mall.When we going to

  • tourist cuntry such as philippine .we see many place have a

    very strict security check and control because of the crowded

  • population . sometimes they inspection the bags by hand stick,

  • open the customer box and check one by one .But sometimes

    when a lots people.This security check work will be very very

  • difficuilt ,Then what is the best way ?Choose a cheaper model

    of baggage scanner :Viking design a small size tunnel baggage

  • scanner especialy for low security market and the price is cheaper and worth

    only sound 3500USD that is our model VX5030E 

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