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VMS-6550 single-energy X-ray inspection device

The VMS-6550 X-ray security inspection equipment is a single-energy X-ray inspection device independently developed by Guangdong VIBOO Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Utilizing a highly integrated Linux operating system and optimized configuration, the system operates and is operated more conveniently.
Widely used in: public security, armed police, courts, prisons, subways, customs stations, ports, logistics, hotels, schools, factories, and other important departments of public places.
Mainly used to detect hidden prohibited items and flammable and explosive materials in medium and small-sized goods, packages, mail, and luggage, such as controlled knives, firearms, fireworks, alcohol, ethanol, gasoline, sulfuric acid, etc.
  • VMS-6550


single-energy X-ray scanning inspection device machine

Leading Advantages

· Comprehensive Leadership: The first full digital security inspection machine in China, with digital signal transmission and processing from signal reception to image display, strong anti-interference capability, and clear images.

· Unique System: Embedded Linux operating system, using multi-core ARM, simple architecture, extremely low power consumption, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with real-time status monitoring function to keep track of the equipment's working process at any time.

· Real Parameters: The actual performance parameters of the product during use are completely consistent with the test report issued by the Ministry of Public Security, making the test report results more authentic and credible.

· Safety and Environmental Protection: The equipment meets safety and environmental protection standards, and the one-touch shutdown and intelligent energy-saving mode have been awarded patents.

· Stable and Reliable: The product is strictly controlled according to the ISO9001 quality management system during production, passing rigorous high and low temperature tests, humidity tests, and vibration tests to ensure the product can run continuously without failure for over 10,000 hours.

· Service Guarantee: 24-hour after-sales phone support is available to provide technical support to customers, with service teams distributed across the country to provide installation, maintenance, and repair.

Technical Specifications

Basic Parameters

Channel dimensions

650mm(W)* 500mm(H)

Conveyor belt speed


Maximum load capacity


Penetration power

46mm thick

Line resolution


Penetration resolution


Spatial resolution

Horizontal: Φ1.0mm, Vertical: Φ1.0mm

Radiation Safety

Single check dose


Leakage radiation dose rate

≤0.3μGy/h (tested at any point 5cm from the equipment surface, meeting and exceeding domestic and international health and safety standards)

Efficient Radiation Protection

Using double-layer staggered, wear-resistant, and sturdy lead curtains, with ultra-thick 2-5mm lead plates to ensure the equipment's safety and reliability.

X-ray Generator

Digital interface

Tube voltage: 80-160KV (adjustable), current: 0.3-1.2mA (adjustable)

Cooling/Working cycle

Sealed oil cooling/100%

Equipment Functions

Image Processing Functions

Color/monochrome, local enhancement, high penetration, low penetration, super enhancement, organic material rejection, inorganic material rejection, inversion, brightness increase, darkness decrease, gray sweep, magnification, pseudocolor, organic material enhancement, suspicious item alarm marking, edge enhancement processing

System Functions

Self-check upon startup, multi-level user management, image management, TIP management, curve diagnosis, system equipment information, image mirroring, 1-16 times continuous magnification, operator training, precise positioning of passing packages, clear channel reminder, equipment information inquiry, quick language switch, USB software upgrade, remote real-time image viewing, one-click calibration, one-click shutdown, intelligent drum (optional)

Structural Design

FrameIncorporating advanced industrial design concepts, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, and cable damage prevention, the frame is solemn and stable.Anti-crushing Hand SignUnique anti-crushing hand design under the conveyor belt at the channel entrance and exit and on the loading rack, ensuring safety and reliability.High-quality BeltThe conveyor belt surface features a diamond pattern print, which is more resistant to cutting and scratching during use; 2mm thickness is more resistant to stretching and less prone to deformation; the surface is treated with anti-static to prevent contamination during use.Humanized DesignProfessional keyboard, combined with a workstation designed according to ergonomics, for convenient and comfortable use.

Installation Data

Overall dimensions (excluding loading rack)

2195mm(L)* 902mm(W)* 1362.5mm(H)

Working Power Supply

220VAC(±10%) 50±3HZ

Power Consumption


Detection Effect Images






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 Guangdong Province​​​​​​

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