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prohibited items security screening

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Prohibited items security screening

Security Screening

A security screening is a process used to determine if a person is carrying any illegal, prohibited, 

or suspicious items that could pose a threat to a venue.

The components of a secure security screening  program

A secure security screening program should have policies and processes

 in place to ensure that all individuals entering a venue are properly 

assessed by trained security professionals. 

This can include using devices such as metal detectors, x-ray machines

and other emerging technologies.

who is been screened ?

Any person who enters the facility to conduct business, 

attend an event, or participate in any other  activity 

that requires entrance into the venue should undergo a security screening. 

This includes  both full- and part-time venue employees, 

full-time and temporary contractors, teams or performers,  media, and all ticket holders

All individuals must be security screened before entering the venue, 

even if they have an active credential. Credentials should be used in conjunction with 

screening procedures to ensure the safety of all individuals at a venue.

Who conducts security screenings

All venue security screenings should be conducted by trained security screeners. 

These personnel are trained to identify potential persons and items that may pose a

 threat to the security and welfare of visitors, management, and other venue staff. 

They employ a diverse array of techniques and basic security equipment, such as metal detectors

to identify potential threats.

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