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60*40cm Tunnel 1.5KW 160KV X Ray Baggage Scanner

The 60*40cm Tunnel 1.5KW 160KV X Ray Baggage Scanner is a baggage scanner that can be used for airport security as well as other purposes. It has a tunnel size of 60*40cm, and it can detect explosives and other objects with high levels of accuracy. The machine has a power output of 1.5kW, and it uses a 160kV X Ray system to scan through baggage and other items quickly and efficiently.
  • VK02161458

  • vikingdetector

  • 20230402122

X-rays to scan baggage and other items for explosives, weapons, or other contraband

The 60*40cm Tunnel 1.5KW 160KV X Ray Baggage Scanner is a piece of equipment that uses X-rays to scan baggage and other items for explosives, weapons, or other contraband.

It has a width of 60 centimeters and a height of 40 centimeters, as well as a maximum weight limit of 50 kilograms per item. It can be used for scanning baggage at airports and other security checkpoints. The X-ray machine itself rests on wheels so that it can be moved easily between areas where it needs to be used.

This machine has been designed with safety in mind: the operator will not be exposed to radiation during operation because there is a glass shield between him or her and the x-ray source. Additionally, there are warning lights on the front panel which will turn on if there is an issue such as low voltage or a fault with the electrical system.

VK02161458-6040 MultienergyX-ray security baggage scanning system is ideal to use in mailrooms. We are proud to offer the VK02161458-6040 Multienergy and x-ray screening systems, which is used as a baggage scanner.

Technical characteristics

  • TIP program to assist find the explosive, bomb

  • Scanned imaged can zoom up to 64 times;

  • 13 kinds of image processing functions and 6 kinds of pseudo color

  • Clear and high resolution image

  • Dural energy penetration system and stable performance

  • Partly zoom up to 3 times;

High Light

  • Powerful image dealing ability;

  • Reliable performance.

  • Friendly operation System;

  • Automatic save scanned image;

  • Accurate Z7,Z8,Z9 mark for explosive and narcotics;

  • Windows 7 operation system;

Installation Data:

Operation temperature/Humidity:0℃-45℃/20%-95%(non-condensing)
Storage Temperature/Humidity:-20℃-60℃/20%-95%(non-condensing)
Operation Power:220VAC(±10%)50±3Hz
Power Consumption:1.5KW (max), 0.3KW(working)

Physical Specifications:

Dimensions: Length:2,190 mm Width: 878mm Height: 1,280mm
Tunnel Size:600mm(W) x 400mm(H)
Conveyor Speed:0.22m/s
Approx Weight:700KG
System Power:220 VAC ±10% /50Hz
Steel Penetration:34mm guaranteed; 38mm typical
Wire Resolution:38AWG guaranteed; 40 AWG typical

Image System:


High Resolution Color,  LCD Accord,  21.5 inch

Image Processing:

Edge enhancement,  image strengthening,  image lightening,  
reducing darkening,  image returning,  image retrieval.

Image Grey Level:


Image Max Resolution:

1024 * 1280 pixel

Image Processing:

24bit for processing real time

Image storage:

Storage 60000 pictures in real time

Zones & Zoom:

1-9 Image regions,  2, 4, 8, 16 Times Enlarge,  
Whole screen continuous observation





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