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Dangerous object detection X-ray Baggage Scanner

A baggage x-ray scanner is a type of screening system designed to scan and detect dangerous objects inside baggage, such as weapons and explosives.

A conveyor belt with a metal detector is often used to screen passengers as they pass through the security checkpoint. The metal detector will be able to detect any metallic materials that are hidden on the body of the passenger.

This system allows for more efficient screening of passengers than manual inspection by security personnel.
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X-ray Baggage Scanner

Introducing our state-of-the-art Dangerous Object Detection X-ray Baggage Scanner, a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance security and safety in environments where the screening of baggage is paramount. This advanced X-ray scanner is meticulously engineered to identify potentially dangerous objects within luggage, ensuring effective threat detection for various security applications, including airports, transportation hubs, government facilities, and high-security venues.

**Key Features:**

1. **High-Resolution Imaging:**

   - The X-ray baggage scanner boasts high-resolution imaging capabilities, providing detailed and clear images of the contents of luggage. This ensures operators can accurately identify objects and potential threats.

2. **Dual-Energy Technology:**

   - Equipped with advanced dual-energy X-ray technology, the scanner distinguishes between different materials with enhanced precision. This aids in identifying potential threats by highlighting anomalies in baggage contents.

3. **Automatic Threat Recognition (ATR):**

   - Our scanner features Automatic Threat Recognition (ATR) software, enabling automated analysis of X-ray images. This assists operators by automatically identifying and flagging potential dangerous objects, streamlining the screening process.

4. **Explosives and Weapons Detection:**

   - Designed for the detection of explosives, weapons, and other prohibited items, the scanner employs specialized algorithms for accurate threat identification. This adds an extra layer of security to protect against potential dangers.

5. **Real-Time Imaging and Analysis:**

   - The X-ray baggage scanner provides real-time imaging and analysis, allowing security personnel to swiftly assess the contents of luggage. This real-time capability is crucial for maintaining efficient and timely security screening.

6. **Automatic Alarm and Alert System:**

   - Integrated with an automatic alarm and alert system, the scanner triggers alerts when potentially dangerous objects are detected. This ensures immediate attention and response from security personnel.

7. **Large Baggage Capacity:**

   - With a spacious conveyor system, the scanner accommodates large baggage items efficiently. This allows for the screening of various luggage sizes commonly encountered in high-traffic environments.

8. **User-Friendly Interface:**

   - The scanner features a user-friendly interface with an intuitive control panel. This minimizes the training required for operators, making the screening process more efficient.

9. **Remote Monitoring and Control:**

   - For enhanced operational flexibility, the X-ray baggage scanner supports remote monitoring and control. Security personnel can manage the screening process from a central location, improving overall efficiency.

10. **Compliance with Security Standards:**

    - Our X-ray baggage scanner is designed to meet and exceed international security standards. Compliance with industry regulations ensures that your security infrastructure is robust and effective.


The Dangerous Object Detection X-ray Baggage Scanner is suitable for a wide range of security applications, including but not limited to:

- Airports and aviation security

- Transportation hubs

- Government facilities

- Critical infrastructure

- High-security venues and events


- **Enhanced Security:** Identify and prevent potential threats by effectively screening baggage for dangerous objects, including weapons and explosives.

- **Efficient Screening Process:** High-resolution imaging and automated threat recognition streamline the baggage screening process, reducing delays and improving operational efficiency.

- **Real-Time Alerts:** Immediate alerts and alarms ensure prompt responses from security personnel, enhancing the overall security posture.

- **Versatility:** Suitable for screening a variety of baggage sizes and types, accommodating the diverse needs of different security environments.

- **User-Friendly Design:** The intuitive interface and remote monitoring capabilities contribute to a user-friendly design, making it easier for security personnel to operate.

Invest in the safety and security of your facility with our Dangerous Object Detection X-ray Baggage Scanner. This cutting-edge technology ensures thorough and efficient screening, providing peace of mind in environments where security is of the utmost importance. Elevate your security infrastructure with our advanced X-ray scanner for comprehensive threat detection.

The X-ray Baggage Scanner is an energy and optical x-ray based screening system. The system is used to scan and detect any concealed metallic objects in baggage with a high resolution, including liquid and solid non-metallic objects.

Conveyor Belt

The X-ray Baggage Scanner is integrated into the conveyor belt to ensure that all baggage passes through the scanner. This helps to ensure that any metallic objects are detected by the scanner.

Security Screening Machine

The X-ray Baggage Scanner has a very high resolution, allowing it to scan through all types of clothing as well as soft materials like paper or plastic bags. This makes it suitable for use in airports, train stations and large shopping malls where security screening is required at all times during business hours on weekdays and weekends. It can also be used in smaller venues such as retail stores, hotels and restaurants where staff need to screen baggage on a daily basis.

Tunnel Size

The tunnel size can be adjusted according to requirements by simply rotating the dial on top of the machine towards one end or other end of the tunnel depending on whether you want more or less space between your hand luggage

Tunnel Size : W656mm x H501mm

Speed : 0.20 m/s

Height of Transmission Belt : 664 mm

Maximum Load : <100 kg (Adequate distribution)

Wire Resolution : 38 AWG (0.0787mm metal wire)

Space Definition : Horizontal ① 1.0mm \ Vertical ①1.0mm

Penetrate Definition : 34 AWG

Penetration : 34mm Steel board

Monitor : 19 inch LED

System Function : High density alarm, Explosive/Drug auxiliary detect, TIP, Luggage counter.

System running timer, X-ray emitting timer.

Training, 64 times continuous zoom in

Film Safety : ASA/ISO1600 standard of film safety

X-ray System

Tube Voltage : 140 Kv

Cooling : Seal oil cooling /100%

Single Inspection Dosage Rate : <1.0(i Gy

Radiation Leak Dosage : 0.1 Gy/h (5cm from the surface)



Installation Specification

Machine  Size :  1875mm (L) * 934mm (W) * 1300mm (H)

Package size  :2040mm (L) °1020mm (W) °1530mm (H)

Package Weight: 220KG Consumption : 1 kVA

Noise : 53.8 dB(A)


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