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Security X-ray Baggage scanning Scanner for checkpoint

Security X-ray Baggage scanning Scanner for Checkpoint

The security screening system is composed of X-ray baggage scanning and conveyor belt. The X-ray baggage scanning system is composed of high energy, high resolution dual energy x ray imaging. The conveyor belt is composed of accelerating electromagnetism, uniform speed, and vacuum. The security x ray machine is composed of a metal detector, tunnel size, and organic materials.
  • VX6040I

  • vikingdetector

  • 9031499090

Security X-ray Baggage Scanning Scanner for Checkpoint

The security x-ray baggage scanning scanner is a high-speed conveyor belt system that allows you to scan your bags and searches them for metallic objects. The system has a dual energy x-ray imaging system that allows you to search for both organic and inorganic materials, such as explosives or biological threats. This scanner is designed to have low radiation emissions and can be used in areas where there are strict safety regulations regarding radiation exposure.


-Searches for both organic and inorganic materials.

-Low radiation emissions.

The 6040 X-ray baggage scanner can be used to automatically check for weapons, explosives and guns in your luggage. It is suitable for airports, seaports, subways, metras, checkpoints, police stations, courts, government buildings, gms, and other locations.

We also produce different sizes of X-ray baggage scanners to meet the needs of our customers:

High light of the x-ray machine

* Accurate Z7-Z8,Z9 marking for explosives and narcotics

* Partly zoom as high as 3 times

13 types of image processing functions, 6 kinds of pseudo-color;

* Color display in black and white

* Windows 7 operation system

* With an independent industrial computer

* Professional multi-function operation keyboard;

* Automatically save scan image

* Reliable performance;

* Friendly image processing interface

Technical characteristics

* Dual energy penetration system;

* A new radiation protection technology has been developed.

* TIP Program

* Clear, distinct image

* Scanned images can zoom up 32 times

* Integrated structure design, refinement appearance





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