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Security screening archway door frame metal detector for terminal

Security screening archway door frame metal detector for terminal is a security system that is designed to protect you from the threat of theft or other forms of danger. This device is a gate that will allow only authorized people to enter the area, which is important because it prevents people from entering who should not be there. This can help prevent theft, unauthorized access to your property, and other crimes.
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Security screening archway door frame metal detector for terminal

Security archway door frame metal detector for terminal is a kind of security equipment used in the airport and the subway. It can be used to detect metallic objects hidden in the clothes, bags, shoes and other places. The detector has a total of 13 points to detect metal objects, including metal detection area, handbag detection area, shoe detection area and so on. The detector is composed of high-precision sensors that can detect even the most minute amount of metal particles within a specified range. There are two kinds of detectors: automatic and manual. The automatic detector is controlled by an intelligent microprocessor inside it while detecting objects in real time. The user just needs to put the object into the detector and wait until it stops detecting it; then they can remove it from the detector after confirming they have removed all possible metallic objects from their clothing or belongings (passengers). As for manual detectors, users need to manually turn them on before putting any items into them; once they begin detecting items, they will automatically turn off after about one minute without detection of any items

Multi Zone DFMD as multiple (/6/18) separate overlopping metal detectors in one frame. 

This coil structure ennances one metal detection process compared to conventional metal detectors. 

Metal location is reliably displayed at each zone. 

if metal are present in more than one zone, all zones with metals are displayed an the Zone Representation provided on the side panel & the zone with the peak metal is displayed on the 8digit LED display Bar groph.

Sensitivity of each zone can be set separately to get uniform sensitivity at each zone. 

Microprocessor technology ensure fast and reliable data processing and operation,

 Metal Detection, Sensitivity setting, Threshold setting, Zone discrimination. 

Multi Zone DFMD detects both ferrous & nonferrous metal concealed on a person.





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