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  • Walk-Through Metal Detectors
  • How does walk through metal detector work?
    How does walk through metal detector work?

    Most metal detectors use either pulse or continuous wave technology. In short, a surge of electricity is passed through a copper wire coil, which creates an electromagnetic field. As metal passes through this field, sensors detect the reflected magnetic field from these metal objects. This magnetic

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  • Walk Through Metal Detector FAQ
    Walk Through Metal Detector FAQ

    1. Can the viking metal detectors be installed ourselves? A: Yes absolutely! We sell these worldwide and rarely do our clients need help installing. Installing a standard security system typically takes 30min or less. 2. What is the power rating? A: All our systems run on standard 120v – 240v AC and

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  • Viking walk through metal detector used for court
    Viking walk through metal detector used for court

    Charge d' Affaires Michael Heath met with PongdejWanichkittikul, Secretary General of the Court ofJustice today. The U.S. Embassy recently donated a metal detector and x ray bagagge scanner manufactured by DongGuan Viking detector .Total valued at over USD 70,000 toenhance security at the Supreme Co

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