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Walk Through Metal Detector FAQ

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1. Can the viking walk through metal detectors be installed ourselves?

A: Yes absolutely! We sell these worldwide and rarely do our clients need help installing. Installing a standard security system typically takes 30 min or less.

2. What is the power rating?

A: All our systems run on standard 110v – 240v AC and consume less power than a standard desktop computer.

3. Do you offer dealer programs?

A: yes for sure! We are always looking for new dealers to partner with our company and help spread the word.

4. How soon before you ship?

A: Most door frame metal detector orders ship within 2-3 business days and arrive 4-7 days after that.

5. What is Detection zone of a walk through metal detector ?

A: Zone detection refers to the different lights that illuminate on the sides of the metal detector to help pinpoint what triggered the alarm. So for example, if someone carried a knife in their show the metal detector would light up in the shoe area.

This feature is very nice to help find contraband quickly.

6.How many detecting zone of viking walk through metal detector detector ?

Now we have single zone metal detetcor

4 zone metal detector

6 zone metal detector

12 zone metal detector

18 zone metal detector  ,33 zone ,45 zone .60 zone

what is a detection zone of metal detector

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