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X-ray Foreign Object Detector scanner manufacturers

Detection Principle of the X-ray Foreign Object Detection Machine
The X-ray foreign object detection machine utilizes the penetrating property of X-rays. It emits X-rays from the X-ray generator, which are then irradiated onto the product being tested. The X-ray detector receives the Xray imaging, and through image processing and visual recognition, extracts and judges the image information, integrating important technologies such as optoelectronics, digital signals, image processing, and recognition.
  • VS4025


x ray   security scanning detector machine

X-ray Foreign Object Detector Parameters



Best Empty Machine Detection Accuracy

Stainless steel ball: Φ 0.6 mm

Glass ball: Φ 2.0 mm;

Ceramic ball: Φ 1.0 mm

Detecting object size

Detecting Max height.

170 mm

Detecting Max width.

400 mm

Conveyor Device Parameters

Conveyor belt speed

20~70 m/min

Conveyor belt width

400 mm

Max height of the conveyor window

250 mm

Max load of the conveyor device


X-ray Source

150W 80kv domestic single source


0.4 mm, domestic detector, single detector


17-inch full-color touch screen, Shiwei (China)


Dell (USA)

Operating System

Windows 11

Operation Method

Touch screen operation

Supported Data Interfaces

LAN port, USB port

Product Management

Complete product log

Parameter Adjustment

Self-learning/Manual learning options available

Image Management

Image save/print/analysis

Power Supply

AC 220V, 1.2KVA,50/60Hz

Belt Motor

Delta servo motor, Taiwan, China

Overall Equipment Size

L*W*H:1177*1151*1896 mm

Cleaning Method

Easy to clean

Temperature Control

Industrial air conditioning for automatic temperature control

Environmental Temperature


Environmental Humidity

30~90%, no frosting

X-ray Leakage

< 1µSv/ h

Overall Material

304 stainless steel

Protection Level


Conveying Weight


Protection Method

Removable protective curtain/protective cover

Belt Direction

from left to right/Optional from right to left

Ejection Mechanism (Optional)






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