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Shoes industrial textile needle metal detector

Shoe industrial textile needle metal detector

The shoe industrial textile needle metal detector is a professional equipment for detecting the metal objects on shoes. The sensor can detect the hidden metal objects under the sole of shoes. The detection range can be adjusted by the sensitivity adjustment knob. The machine uses high-quality components and has good performance.

  • VFG-5016

  • vikingscan

  • 8543709100

Needle detector for shoes industrial 

The shoes industrial textile needle metal detector is a new type of product. It has the functions of detecting, locating and identifying the metal needle in the industrial textile products. The detector has been widely used in the inspection of flat-knitted fabric, knitted fabric, warp knitting fabric, weft knitting fabric and other textiles.

High precisely needle detector 

The detector is equipped with a high sensitivity metal needle detector and an advanced laser spotter to locate the metal needle precisely. When it detects a metal needle, it will automatically alert and indicate the location of the metal needle on screen for you to check.

work principle of needle detector in shoes

The digital monitor,can show passing number,not qualified number and total number.

When the needle detector doesn’t detect the garments for some time,it will be stopped working by the auto energy-saving technology.

*Detecting the garments from X axis to Y axis by the use of LED broken needle position indicateor,to identify the position for the broken needle.

*The protective device against side running of conveyor belt,makes the conveyor belt not leave the normal track.

*Be equipped with intelligent starting device avoid pressing start switch frequently,so that prolong the life of machine.

*Making the operation more noemalized by the fail-safe of improper operation.

*Machine is inspected by professional detecting software,so that makes detection more stable

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